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Welcome to my astronomical homepage. This site has two main parts, in which I publish my different kinds of work, related to astronomy. In one section, I present a collection of my best astronomical images. These galleries contain special photographs, taken through a telescope using long exposure times. Imaging the night sky’s magical objects requires accurate work from dusk to dawn, and is, of course a really fun, challenging activity. The other part is my own specialty, which explains manually built reliefs. The models give an unusual view of our Moon’s surface. These small lunar reliefs allow us to play the games of light that have decorated the lunar surface for billions of years, to play these games that we can only watch in the skies. The reliefs are based on high resolution satellite images, taken during the last 30 years. My work is the result of a four-year challenging experiment. In the following sections you can read more about both topics. The collection is increasing continuously, as my newest works are ready, I will update the galleries.

If I have made you curious, spend some time
the beauty of the sky and the surface of the Moon.

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