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I am a 19 year old, Hungarian student in Budapest. Currently, I attend the Corvin Mátyás Secondary School which is located in a suburban area of Pest. It is my last year of secondary school, and now I’m preparing for the final exams and university which starts next year. My two hobbies are the main reason for constructing this webpage. I’ve been building models since my early childhood. For many years, I have been constructing many different kinds of dioramas or models. At first, I was mainly interested in the navy and later in architecture. My first works were pretty simple models, which you could buy in pieces and assemble with the help of a manual. As time passed, I started to upgrade the prefabricated models with individual pieces, expansions, and now I do everything by myself. And then came 2002…on a simple November evening, I looked up into the skies and asked: “What is there above?” Volvo FH-12, from 2002
I clearly remember that moment, because it was the very first time I saw the world of the stars. Today I cannot understand, why didn’t it happen before. Very soon after, I was working with a 9 cm achromatic telescope, under the orange sky of the capitol city. As for almost all of us, my first target was also the Moon. The idea of selenographical models was inspired by the magnified sight of celestial bodies. I’ve only ever been interested in incomprehensible things, like the largest ships, the tallest buildings, the furthest places. And I found astronomy which corresponds to it, probably the most fascinating. To see the unseen and touch the untouchable, I try to build my interests in miniature.
steering-gear of Titanic The creation of these models has two reasons. On the one hand, they always possess a great challenge - am I really able to construct what I have dreamed? On the other hand, I am powered by the desire of holding in my hands the result of my long and hard work, the complete model. It follows that the supreme rule of my modeling ‘ars poetica’ is the reality. Paramount reality! ‘So always work out the same, exactly the same as reality, and never imagine more.’ The first prototypes of today’s lunar reliefs were completed during the autumn of 2004. The complete concept evolved slowly, step by step, by countless attempts. Since then, I have learned a lot about the Moon and astronomy, but I believe that there is still so much more waiting for me to discover. The story of my astronomical images started in May of 2004, with the historical transit of planet Venus in front of the sun. My very first photograph was taken of the clear Solar disc when the small planet had gone away.
The following times were about learning the basics, coming to know the night sky. Two years later, I started building the photographic equipment. As of today, the mainly home made telescope is almost ready. After spending many hours and working very hard, the accessories have become a very good photographic ‘companion.’ I publish my work in magazines here in Hungary, and present it at forums. In 2007 and 2008, I represented the Kepler-diorama at the National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth, one of the most prestigious Hungarian science contests for young adults. In 2008, I placed second.

Finally, my Hungarian name is pronounched as: