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In this section of the webpage, I have published my collection of astronomical images.
Images of deepsky objectsImages about the Moon
Of course a wide range of photographs are named as ‘astronomical images’ in connection with any phenomena in the near and far cosmic surrounding of the Earth. In my published collection here, I have tried to choose similar type of images, and so you will find two galleries. One for the deep sky images, the other for a small collection of my best lunar images. However, since I mainly deal with deep sky objects, I cannot miss up any good chances to capture the actual sight of the Moon. Building out of high resolution lunar and planetary imaging is among my future plans. My equipment is currently specialized mainly for deep sky astrophotography. For the long exposed astronomical images, I use a fast apochromatic refractor with a now becoming popular, DSLR camera. The telescope with its guider is placed on a stable equatorial mount, required for guided image sequences. The inventory is full of homemade and modified devices. In some cases major modifications were needed to obtain the best performance of the instruments. During the last semester I have started automating the system by autoguider and exposure timer. Currently I don’t have a dome for the telescope, so I look for the highest, darkest sites around Hungary to set up the equipment and feel the tranquility of mother nature. I really love spending long weekends in the middle of nowhere with friends, of course. At the following two links you find more information about my equipment and observing sites.

Places, where I usually do observationsMy astronomical equipment

In the galleries, below each image you can read the details of its creation, the instruments used and other notes. The value of atmospheric tranquility is rated on a scale between 1 and 10. 1 is the best, when there is virtually no turbulence in the air above. Temperature and relative humidity data are measured near the telescope and the most typical values are given. Regarding the image processing, I only give the name of the software used, because of the limited place. However, if you would you like to know more about the process you find my contact on the main page and at the bottom of every page.